AML and KYC System Assessment

Industry graded AML and KYC System Assessment Solution

Diagonal Matrix provides banking and non-banking financial institutions with complete and modern solutions for assessing, measuring, and explaining their money laundering risks

Get aligned with the regulatory challenges

AML – Anti Money Laundering experts working in government regulatory bodies have set up some regulations that all companies have to follow in order to keep their business safe from fraudulent activities. We make sure that financial institutions have met all the requirements to be compliant with their regulations.


Once organizations know that their Anti Money Laundering systems are in line with regulations, they feel confident about each deal they make and business they do because they know for sure that their system is protecting them even when they are asleep.


When our experts find even minor loose ends in your AML system, and you improve them with our suggestions, your system becomes more efficient and handles frauds more accurately. And, if this system assessment happens time and again over an interval of time, it keeps on improving.


With new tools and technologies in place, such as Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), your system learns and improves itself continuously to meet the basic future needs and stop fraudulent activities.


With AI and ML in place, your Anti Money laundering system becomes adaptive to the new fraud patterns and new money laundering scenarios, so it keeps on working as a watchdog for your business and safeguard it forever.

Why Diagonal Matrix

We have worked with financial institution clients of all sizes, banking or non-banking, and there’s new learning for us as well that we utilize on other clients’ projects. Like an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning system, we keep on learning and improving our team and our tools to give you the industry’s best services.


The diagonal Matrix team has versatile skills. Our experts can examine your AML systems for their effectiveness compliance, suggest things to do to improve the system, and help prepare risk profiles, do a risk assessment for companies, among other things. Tell us what services you need our help with.


Since our skills have spread over a wide range of the spectrum, we can adapt to your requirements and operate according to your business needs. We share a common goal with clients, and that is to protect your business from fraudulent activities and financial crimes and keep the company’s AML system in compliance with the regulatory bodies.


We audit from a single client profile to the whole of transactions from every client and every AML regulatory system you have in place to keep the financial criminals at bay and your business secure from financial crimes.


Assessment work is incomplete without a report. We prepare a detailed report on our findings of the assessment. The high-risk and low-risk areas and what needs to be done to improve things for the future

Are you still thinking about whether to take our services or not? Get on a call with us and discuss your requirements.