Sanction Screening Program and Services

A sanction list is a preventive measure taken by government bodies to curb the illegal activities by the high risk individuals and companies. A sanction list contains individual sanctions, which could be a person, a group, country or company. Government bodies of different countries and a few international bodies prepare these sanction list to pull breaks on illicit activities by anyone mentioned in the sanction list.

Detect, Prevent and Disrupt Sanctions Risk

Why Choose Us

With Diagonal Matrix’s sanction screening services, you get your customer/client data checked with the global sanction lists with individuals, companies, and groups. So, nothing passes by through those lists. If your client is involved in fraudulent activities, it will be highlighted in the report and you will be saved from doing a bad business deal.

Save your company’s reputation and get Diagonal Matrix’s Sanction Screening Services today.

Leverage the comprehensive sanction screening services by Diagonal Matrix that are available on a global level. You don’t need any other source for sanction screening for your existing and new customers, and the same can be said for the transactions.

It is tough to detect, track and cross-check companies with large volumes of transactions that occur between multiple clients. However, Diagonal Matrix makes the tough job easy with the right tools, team, and reliable methods in place.

Keep sanction screening your top priority right after the first risk assessment stage in the new customer or client onboarding process.

Also, set an interval at which the sanction screening process is repeated on the existing customers, and transactions to maintain compliance against the financial landscape. Regulatory authorities are making rules even stricter by going deeper into the investigation system to prevent fraudulent activities than ever before. Companies should stay in compliance with regulations to protect themselves.