Validation and Effectiveness of Risk Models

With the perfect combination of the right tools and an experienced team, Diagonal Matrix limits its services to not only risk model validation but also checks for its effectiveness.

If your risk model is not delivering what it should to you, then some work is needed to improve the things around.

Model Validation, Testing, and Rules Tuning

There’s more to risk model validation that you can think of.

  • Documentation Review
  • Risk Assessment Review
  • Watchlist Filtering¬†¬†
  • Transaction Verification
  • Data Review
  • Conceptual Soundness
  • Implementation Accuracy
  • Ongoing Model Governance
  • Alert Review
  • Sanctions Screening
  • Data Quality
  • Outcomes Analysis
  • Sanctions List Management Review

Want to know what we can do for your business to make it compliant with regulatory bodies and keep it safe from fraudulent activities? Simply get in touch with and discuss your situation. We understand your need not to do business with someone who is accused of doing financial crimes, funding terrorist activities, laundering money, or practicing illegal activities for their own benefit. We make sure that never happens if you put your guards up.