Federal AML Regulations require Independent Review

Independent review is set by the AML regulatory bodies in place to check the overall effectiveness of the anti money laundering policies and programs implemented. Certified experts at Diagonal Matrix are knowledgeable enough to understand the ins and outs of anti money laundering requirements.

The independent review is different from your internal audits, inspections and examinations. The IR is in the written form and signed by the certified reviewer.

Best Practice Guidance for Anti-Money Laundering
Model Validation, Testing, and Rules Tuning
Best Practice Guidance for Anti-Money Laundering

Why Choose Us

Diagonal matrix experts are well versed with Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer and Risk Assessment policies, rules and regulations set by regulatory authorities and government bodies. They thoroughly go through every detail of every licensing policy and AML policy you have in place in order to make the independent review practice a success for you.

You know that it Independent review is mandatory to have. So, do not skip it. Let the industry experts handle it.

If you have received a letter or notice from IRS for an independent review, then call us immediately and explain your situation. Our experts will guide you accordingly and schedule an independent review so that the review, reporting, and consultations everything is done before the IRS deadline.

Independent review should not be delayed at any cost. Ignoring the deadline would be another error your business will be making in line with other policy or regulatory shortcomings. Get in touch with our experts today. Consult with the right minds in this industry.