Multilevel Investigative Measures for Clients of all Sizes

We set up enhanced due diligence programs and policies in place for banking and non-banking institutions to manage financial crime compliance requirements and keep them safe from several risk categories and subcategories. The programs and policies are always aligned with regulations set by the AML and KYC regulatory authorities.

Diagonal Matrix combines innovative tools and years of experience of the team members to help financial institutions stay ahead of financial crimes. We make sure that the institutions are in compliance with the updated regulations and stay in compliance.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Why Choose Us

Because of our robust Enhanced Due Diligence or EDD services, our clients have the confidence to work with new partners in any market. When they see risks getting mitigated from their new business partnerships, they become more open about the opportunities they seek in the market.

We fulfill our clients with the information they need to decide whether to go ahead with the deal they are making or skip that and look for the next one to feel secure in the partnership and be successful.

Diagonal Matrix acts as a filter between you and the fraudulent partnerships so that your business keeps on making good deals on the right path safely without worrying about the financial criminals and bad actors in business doing illegal transactions.

Get in touch with our EDD – Enhanced due Diligence experts who are equipped with the right tools and technologies and also have the right experience to accomplish the tasks of stopping financial criminals from entering in your business circle.