We help businesses keep ahead of competition, increase revenue and improve operation efficiency using robust open source Big Data & analytics ecosystems.

Data science can find the patterns in your data. It tells you how your customers behave and what will interest them. It tells you which components in your network are liable to fail. It tells you who is likely to defraud you. Gain competitive advantage by uncovering hidden signals in your data, predict and act, increase profitability by visualizing the best options to meet your objectives.

Diagonal Matrix has a global Data Science & Analytics practise that brings together innovative data science techniques for data collection, data organization, advanced analytics, data visualization, and scalability. Our core approach is the ability to abstract models of the real-life challenges that are intuitive to use, yet sufficiently realistic to support robust decision-making. Our proven data science expertise in data analytics, machine learning and predictive modelling, we have helped our customers to turn complex and unstructured data into reliable insights, provide insight, quantify risks and benefits associated with solutions to complex business problems.

Diagonal Matrix Data Science practise benefits:

  • Business process analytics: reliable insights for decision making and uncover hidden signals that lead to competitive advantage inside your organization in every department.
  • Social media analytics: Influence and engage your customers in real-time while generating more revenue, focus exclusively on understanding customers and opportunities.
  • Customer insights: Understand, segment and engage customers with 1:1 communication like never before and deliver exceptional customer engagement programs.
  • Innovation at every step: Harness the data and insights in order to deliver value, and integrate technology with solutions to unlock opportunities.
  • Advanced Financial Planning: Aggregate large amount of financial data and generate practical insights. Ensure you have the right resources, right quantity, at the right time.

Diagonal Matrix offers end-to-end big data analytics solutions to help businesses of any size and at any stage of their big data journey. Our experts turn your big data dream into reality and delver tangible business outcomes, faster and at an affordable time and resources.

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