Turn any data into insights, data driven decision and Extract maximum value from Big Data – faster than you thought possible

Diagonal Matrix Big Data consulting services help you transform your business through data Insights for smart business decision making, whether you’re a small time enterprise or a Global enterprise,  and where ever you’re in the Big Data journey, we help you Implement and support Big Data technologies that let you capture, store, and leverage data-driven insights in real time.

  • Implement Big data and find hidden opportunities that align with your organizational priorities.
  • Leverage Big Data science for a competitive advantage
  • Design a detailed road map that helps you achieve your short-term and log-term objectives.
  • Implement a Big Data platform, that lets you see a big picture and a predictable future.
  • Big data solution for Small, Mid and Enterprise businesses: on premise, cloud, or hybrid.

Our Consulting Services:

  • Assessment: Your journey starts with a simple workshop conducted by our Big data experts. We’ll learn more about your business goals, problems, and Identify and prioritize business needs. We then analyse how Big data can maximize your performance and map Big data potential to deliver value to your business.
  • Assess your current level of Big Data readiness
  • Identify and prioritize potential business scenarios and use cases
  • Perform data discovery across all parts of your organization
  • Data Science Analysis services: Our expert data scientist team analyse and transform Big Data into actionable insights. Using most advances algorithms and mathematical formulas, we help you mine Big data, dig further deeper to predict possible outcomes, and optimize big data capabilities to get the best results.
  • Gain competitive advantage and uncover hidden data signals.
  • Improved decision making with predictive analytics
  • Increase profitability by visualizing hidden opportunities.


  • Design and Architecture Services: Diagonal Matrix’s Big Data & Analytics practise has a long & successful track record on assessment, advisory, and architecture services that help you solve complex business problems. The strength of our Big Data practise is, our exceptionally talented team of consultants combine exceptionally strong analytical ability to work closely with our clients to solve problems and communicate recommendations that will maximize Big Data success.
  • Tightly integrate emerging technologies within your IT investment securely.
  • Fit-Gap analysis, assessment, systems Integration and ecosystem building.
  • Long-term strategic roadmap with prioritized initiates, project stages, timings & deadlines, budgeting and prototyping.

Big Data Implementation Services: We help you Implement Big Data & Advanced analytics solution initiative and achieve better results faster. Our core expertise is to implement strategic Big data solutions that gives you 360-degree insight into your business and a way to predict future.

  • Develop a Strategy and Implementation plan for Big Data analytics.
  • Harmonize system landscapes and data sources to improve efficiency and flexibility
  • Integrate predictive analysis capabilities and state-of-the-art visualizations
  • Use best practises to Integrate structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

Optimization and Managed Services:

Success is pronounced when your systems are optimized and managed by experts over the period of time. Our in-house Big data managed services team undertake those hassle while you focus on your core business strategy. Whether it’s on premise, cloud-based, or hybrid solution, we assist you to effectively manage, monitor  and maintain your big data systems.

  • Run Big data with maximum flexibility at minimal operational expense.
  • On demand and shared expert skills that your organization need to support your Big data effectively.
  • Exceptional results at controlled budget, time and industry-leading SLA.

Diagonal Matrix offers end-to-end big data analytics solutions to help businesses of any size and at any stage of their big data journey. Our experts turn your big data dream into reality and delver tangible business outcomes, faster and at an affordable time and resources.

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