Diagonal Matrix is trusted by brands and Industry leading clients that has delivered scalable enterprise solutions for organizations of any size and provides analytical consulting services as part of our big data portfolio.

Machine data is one of the fastest growing and complex areas of big data as well as a hidden treasure of business insights. Diagonal Matrix help you unlock those hidden values. Organizations are under extreme pressure to stay competitive while focusing on big data initiative. Building robust big data systems has become mandatory and the solutions often can’t cope with complex data structures, sources and date format.

Big data analytics: Our proven track record in delivering analytics solutions help companies experience process data at hyper speed, deliver rapid ROI and exceptional results faster than expected.

With open source tools at the core, we help you realize big data dream that can easily adapt and scale business needs. Diagonal Matrix big data experts – Data Architects, Industry consultants, data engineers and data scientists creates innovative and out of the box solutions.

Diagonal Matrix has proven track record in delivering analytics solutions and helping organizations to overcome data and infrastructure challenges.

What our clients experience with our Analytics solutions:

  • Faster: Big data high performance platform that process data at hyper speed, rapid deployment and delivers return on investment (ROI) rapidly.
  • Exceptional results: Diagonal Matrix proven big data & analytics solutions enables companies adopt analytics as a strategic weapon to improve insights, targeting and revenue streams.
  • Efficiency: Our industry proven predefined analytics components and solution templates splits data, optimize data sources and integrates as a reliable single source of insight for a greater business efficiency.
  • Agility: We help businesses achieve their goals and experience results quickly through incremental building of systems and a focused quality data integration.

Diagonal Matrix offers end-to-end big data analytics solutions to help businesses of any size and at any stage of their big data journey. Our experts turn your big data dream into reality and delver tangible business outcomes, faster and at an affordable time and resources.

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