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About Diagonal Matrix

In order to provide the best in industry services to our clients, we have hired experienced people in our team and access to the latest tools that make the job quick and easy.

Diagonal Matrix is an AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) Transaction Monitoring and Reporting service, provider. We cover all those services that companies want in order to keep themselves safe from financial crimes and in compliance with regulations set by government bodies. Our services range from checking one client before onboarding to rectifying the complete AML monitoring process in the company and everything in between.

Why do you need AML and KYC
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Why do you need AML and KYC?

Financial criminals either create shell companies or work in the shelter of genuine companies to perform their financial crimes and do illicit transactions, which in some form for the terrorists. To put a hold on such activities from financial criminals, the government bodies made strict rules and regulations about carrying out the transactions.
All financial institutions, whether banking or non-banking, have to follow these rules and regulations in order to stop the financials criminals come in contact with their business.
The first line of defense is compliance with the regulatory bodies. Our experts check whether or not your company is in line with regulatory compliance. Having that assures that you have business processed. Next in line is the Risk Assessment. This assessment highlights the potential areas where the company is at risk of fraudulent activities. The safety policies for a company are prepared according to the risk assessment and the regulations.

Then we have the KYC – Know Your Customer approach. Under this approach, the companies collect certain documents from their new clients and customers in order to check their background for fraudulent transactions. The collected data is run through the sanction screening list.
Continuous monitoring allows the companies to regularly keep an eye on their existing customers if they are involved in any fraudulent transaction outside their business.
Auditing makes sure that all the policies and programs that a company has put in place are working properly and effectively.
Reporting tells the companies about the areas that the companies need to work on in order to make their system secure again.
Enhanced due diligence allows supervising every transaction, every client activity, and every business process.
Fraud Analysis helps in seeing the pattern of the fraud types so necessary precautions can be made to avoid fraud in the future.
Other services include independent review, Artificial intelligence, and Machine Learning in AML and KYC, best practice guidance, and KYC remediation, among others.
Our service spectrum keeps on changing because we follow the regulatory bodies and whatever they update in this regard. That’s why we have made it easy for our clients to get custom services from us.
Get in touch with one of our experts and discuss your requirements. Our experts will offer solutions tailored to your specific needs with a common goal of eliminating fraudulent activities in your business process and keeping financial criminals away.

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