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Best AML and KYC Transaction Monitoring and Reporting service, provider

Our services range from checking one client before onboarding to rectifying the complete AML monitoring process in the company and everything in between.

In order to provide the best in industry services to our clients, we have hired experienced people in our team and access to the latest tools that make the job quick and easy.

AML and KYC Transaction
Monitoring and Reporting service

Our Services


Transformation and Consulting

AI and ML for AML/KYC

Introduce Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into your Anti Money Laundering policies and programs and see how automation takes your company’s security to another level.

AML and KYC Implementation & Support

We take care of complete process implementation, post-implementation check, and even the after-delivery support services, so you are covered during and after the implementation is done.

Model Validation and Rules Tuning

Suppose you have an Anti Money laundering and Know Your Customer risk Model in place. In that case, we can check for its validity according to the rules and policies set by regulatory authorities.

Current System Assessment

We assess, track, and report your current system’s situation and see if it is effective enough to detect risky transactions, screen new clients, and keep away financial criminals.


Operations Support

Let’s start the journey towards success and enhance revenue for your business.  Take your company to the next level.

Transaction Monitoring and Reporting

Transaction Monitoring and Reporting helps in finding out any loopholes or red flags in there that might put the company’s reputation in danger and make them part of fraudulent transactions.

Enhanced Due Diligence

We set up enhanced due diligence programs and policies in place for new and existing clients of financial institutions to manage financial crime compliance requirements and keep them safe from several risks.

Fraud Analysis

We use the latest technology to check everything from fraudulent activities to cybercrime activities to ensure your company’s safety from risky transactions.

KYC Remediation

Government bodies want financial institutions to do KYC Remediation to verify the customers/clients systematically. It is done to check whether the client/customer’s involvement in fraudulent activity.

Know Your Customer

Diagonal Matrix assists in designing KYC and CDD (Customer Due Diligence) solutions aligned with your business security workflows panning all over the customer lifecycle.

Anti-Money Laundering

Keep the financial criminals away from your business that comes in the way in the form of customers, hackers, clients, and whatnot. Have a robust Anti-Money Laundering risk management process in place that keeps you one step of the financial criminals.

Tech-Enabled Due Diligence

The legitimate transactional data is obtained, investigated, and analyzed for its risk value. Our tech stack either approves or rejects the transaction after the due diligence.

Best Practice Guidance

We know the unique business requirements and execute the KYC and AML practices in their operational workflow, along with keeping it aligned with the AML regulations set by the governed bodies.

Sanction Screening

A sanction list is a preventive measure to curb illegal activities. This is an initiative by regulatory bodies. A sanction list contains individual sanctions, which could be a group, a person, or a company.

Risk Assessment

Diagonal Matrix helps you detect, diminish, and follow the threat that your organization faces. When organizations are alerted of the potential security threat and fix it on time, they save themselves from reputational, organizational, and even financial harm.

Independent Review

Diagonal Matrix has a team of experts that can perform independent reviews for your business. Our certified experts generate professional reports and suggest changes for improvement accordingly.